The new Outpatient Wing is now open. Patients with appointments for Primary Care and all outpatient services will utilize the new building and can now enter from the main entrance. Primary Care and the front entrance will be open Monday-Friday from 7:30a - 5pm and Saturday 8am-4pm for walk-in clinic.

General Surgery

Orthopedic + General Surgery

Now offering: Gastroenterology Colonoscopy: Biopsy + Polypectomy + Hemorrhoidectomy + Thyroid Biopsy and Excision + Lap Appendectomy + Hernia + Breast Ductectomy + Breast Lumpectomy + Breast Mastectomy + Hysterectomy + LEEP + Excision of Lymph Nodes, Abscess, Cyst, Moles + Skin Graft + Laceration Repair

Call 970.731.3700 to schedule an appointment.