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About the PSMC Foundation

A Brief History

“In October 1959, under its original “board of trustees,” the Dr. Mary Fisher Medical Center was incorporated as a non-profit, with a commitment to establishing a family medical practice in Pagosa Springs. Soon thereafter, on a site donated by the town, the first medical facility was built on San Juan Street.  By the mid-1990s, voters approved the assumption of an approximate $2.5 million general obligation bond by the USJHSD, as Tom and Mary Grant donated 13 acres of land along South Pagosa Boulevard, for development of a comprehensive medical campus. With the bond money and cash generated through a community-wide fundraising campaign, the foundation built and opened a new Dr. Mary Fisher Medical Center there, in 1996.

By 1998, in a move to integrate services and assure continued success, the center sold the San Juan Street location and became part of the USJHSD. Meanwhile, the original corporation transformed into the foundation it is today. Current board members include the following: Dr. Malcolm Rodger, Chairman; Mark Floyd, Vice Chairman; Karl Irons, Treasurer; Jerry Baker, Secretary; Greg Schulte, Director;  Kate Alfred, Director; and Dr. Richard Zak, Director.

In 2001, the Dr. Mary Fisher Medical Center achieved its Enterprise Zone designation, qualifying donations as charitable contributions for federal and state tax purposes. Such gifts, which now benefit the hospital and the district ambulance service (Emergency Medical Services), are also eligible for an additional 25 percent Colorado State Tax credit.

In the years leading up to PSMC’s opening day, the district first had to get its financial house in order, develop a hospital concept, conduct feasibility studies, raise substantial capital and convince district voters to allow a $12 million increase in debt. As hospital plans gradually took shape, the district and foundation formed a fundraising committee with intent to raise $1 million to cover hospital operating expenses through the first year. With Lisa Scott serving as chair, the foundation set out to match a combined $500,000 challenge gift offered by four prominent area families. By July 2006, the committee had successfully reached its goal.”

—Chuck McGuire, The Pagosa Sun

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