Emergency Medical Services

EMS of Year

In 2014, our emergency medical services department had much to celebrate. In April, the medical center and its emergency medical services department achieved a Level IV Trauma Center designation. This contributed to a substantial Emergency Department volume increase—more than 36%—between 2013 and 2014. In November, the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado awarded our EMS the 2014 Ambulance Service of the Year, citing:

“Pagosa Springs EMS was selected for not just its recent success in 2014, but for their hard work and commitment in developing a strong foundation for EMS and striving to be a leader in rural EMS patient care for several years. Rural Pagosa Springs EMS has innovative and progressive medical direction and medical protocols, advanced training for its paramedics and has been approved by the State of Colorado as an EMS training center. All of the paramedics are now certified as Critical Care Paramedics… The Pagosa Springs EMS staff is very active in public education and region-wide professional quality improvement processes, including mass-casualty disasters, medical direction, and professional training. EMS Chief Jason Webb and Medical Director Dr. Michelle Flemmings are part of the state’s EMS and Trauma Systems Improvement Committee and travel across the state to assess and advise other communities’ struggling EMS systems.”


CPR Training

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