We use our hips for many activities and a painful hip can largely impact of your quality of life. If pain has you rethinking how you approach normal activities, you should seek relief.

Symptoms of a joint wearing out include aching followed by periods of relief, pain after use, stiffness after rest, disturbed sleep, and an increase in discomfort when the weather is humid.

Hip pain and stiffness can be caused by arthritis or an injury and can be treated with non-operative measures or with surgery. Hip surgery is common and can be a successful solution for pain relief.

While most hip replacements are in patients 60-80 years of age, more and more younger people who have worn out their joints through sports or overuse are also opting for hip replacement. According to the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, because of the success rate, there has been 123% increase in total hip replacements for patients aged 45-64.

To discuss your options, please schedule an appointment with a primary care provider or a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon at (970) 731-3700.

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