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Transparency Pricing

Pagosa Springs Medical Center Transparency in Pricing


As of January 1, 2019, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid require hospitals to make available online a listing of standard hospital charges.  PSMC supports the intent of this requirement which is to educate patients on the cost of healthcare and patient financial responsibilities.  PSMC understands hospital pricing is confusing so if you have questions or would like assistance estimating an anticipated service, please call 970-731-3700 and ask to speak to a financial counselor.

PSMC’s current chargemaster can be accessed by clicking the link below.   Please note that PSMC may update its pricing at any time and anticipates an update to pricing during January of 2019.  The pricing information provided on the link below is intended to provide patients, who have scheduled services, an estimate of pricing for hospital facility fees.

What does this pricing not address?

  • This pricing applies only to services provided through the hospital and cannot account for a variety of factors that would alter the final bill including severity of medical condition, complications, use of medical devices, length of stay, etc.
  • This pricing generally does not include professional fees such as those provided by emergency physicians, hospitalists, pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, certified nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners or physician assistants.
  • This pricing does not reflect coverages for patients who have health insurance through Medicare, Medicaid, other government insurance programs, or an insurance company. If a patient has health insurance, the patient’s health insurance policy (including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums) will apply and the amount the patient owes will depend on the patient’s insurance coverage.
  • This pricing does not include fees associated with implants, certain drugs or second procedures.
  • This pricing does not include discounts for prompt self-pay.
  • This pricing does not include adjustments for charity care.
  • This pricing does not guarantee insurance coverage nor does it guarantee availability of services.


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